2 Ways Video Can Build an “Engagement-Sustaining” Healthcare Culture
Estimated read time: 3 minutes
Employee engagement isn’t something you can buy. It isn’t something you implement with shiny new software or bribe into existence with discounted concert tickets. If you want real engagement, you need to build a culture that can sustain it. What does an “engagement-sustaining” culture look like? Here are two key elements: Working conditions that make it easy for employees to do their jobs. Employees who have what engagement expert Vicki Hess calls positive “internal beliefs” about their work.
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How to Deliver Healthcare Content with Donna Siegfried
Estimated read time: 7 minutes
In our last Top 5 interview, we learned the importance of smart, grassroots-up messaging. But if a healthcare marketer posts a blog and there’s no one around to read it, does it make an impact? (The answer is, unsurprisingly, no.) So how do healthcare organizations make that impact on patients? What tools and strategies should a healthcare marketer use to get content and care to the people who need it most?
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How Healthcare Can Get Started with Internal Marketing
Estimated read time: 5 minutes
As a company that helps a lot of clients with similar goals, we have the opportunity to spot industry trends. One trend we’ve seen recently: marketing departments are increasingly handling internal communications. Memos and newsletters are rewritten as internal branding. So why do healthcare organizations “market” to their staff? And, once a healthcare organization decides to take the plunge into internal marketing campaigns, what are the best ways to reach the care providers actually walking the hospital floors?
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Remarkable Actions Deserve Recognition
Estimated read time: 1 minute
Thank your frontline staff for their commitment and participation At Viddler, we recognize and appreciate the sacrifices made by healthcare professionals who continue working tirelessly to keep our communities safe. Right now there is a call to action for healthcare organizations to recruit, retain, and inspire their employees. So how can we boost morale- especially for those on the frontlines who need it most? The answer is simple, we can Engage.
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